Taking a look ahead to 2022, here are some marketing trends you need to know.

2022 Top Marketing Trends

Trends come and go as fast as they appear, whether it be a tiktok challenge, a fashion style, or meme—and trust us, every business has scrambled to hop on them before they fall out of relevancy.

However, unlike the hottest snapchat filter or dance craze, the marketing trends we have gathered are likely to stick around for a while, and make a meaningful impact on the success of your marketing strategy.

Continue reading to learn more about the trends we expect to be emerging into the new year.

Hybrid events will be the norm.

Since the pandemic forced store closures and social distancing, marketers had to cancel all kinds of in-person events. Virtual events were being increasingly used to engage with prospects and customers in place of physical events. These events were successful in large part thanks to social media.

Two conflicting impulses are now affecting marketers and consumers alike. It’s true that there is a strong urge to gather, but due to the convenience of watching live events from the couch, many consumers are choosing to leave the suitcase in the closet and pick up their phones or laptops to tune in. Hybrid events are the best way to satisfy both audiences.

The future of content is interactive.

The future lies in interactive content. Any brand seeking to grow and sustain itself needs to create unique and engaging content. Throughout the entire content creation process, be sure to use technologies that support your brand message.

Quizzes and gamification of assets on your website are examples of interactive content you can integrate into your marketing strategy right now. Don’t wait until 2022, take advantage of interactive features right now available to you on social media, such as Instagram polls, or sharing photo stickers.

Adding interactive elements to your content can benefit you in the following ways:
⦁ Heightened brand awareness and loyalty
⦁ Improved conversion rates
⦁ An increase in user engagement
⦁ Offers that are even more interesting to your audience
⦁ A better collection of quality customer data
⦁ Engage with your customers more often
⦁ Better help your customers learn more about the products and services you offer

The use of AI chatbots for conversational marketing will be widespread.

What is conversational marketing, and how can AI chatbots help? As AI becomes more sophisticated, these powerful tools can accomplish things that were previously impossible.

One-on-one conversations with customers help marketers build a stronger, long-term relationship with them. These types of interactions help convert customers and increase loyalty. However, unlike human marketers who require rest, chatbots can assist customers 24 hours a day, right when your customers need you most!

AI chatbots can assist your marketing campaign in the following ways:
⦁ As a lead generator for sales
⦁ After a purchase or visit, collect feedback
⦁ Taking the role of a landing page
⦁ Notifying customers of promos via messaging apps or texts

People want more engaging videos.

A video marketing campaign uses video to engage existing and potential customers. To get people excited about your products and capture their interest, video marketing is your best bet.

Here are the key components of a great video:

⦁ Give it life. If you want people to jive with your message and take action, you need to grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
⦁ Aim for quality. Content quality is important to catching and keeping your audience’s attention, but poor quality assets, especially audio, will make them lose interest, so make sure you don’t cut corners on quality.
⦁ Keep things current. Ensure your video is relevant to your intended audience. Make your video informative and helpful for your viewers.
⦁ Brief is better. These days, everyone is busy. Videos that are short, sweet, and to the point are the most popular right now, but longer videos still serve an important purpose once you have grabbed your audience’s attention, so still keep them in mind!

Diversity and inclusion are the key to marketing success.

A minimalist graphic of a diverse range of people.

Email marketing is still alive and kicking.

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to land a sale and connect with your clients. That’s why it’s on the list of trends to watch for in 2022. 

What’s different this time is how you compose your email. It’s become more common to personalize campaigns down to the individual receiver. If you want your customers to click through and make a purchase, you need to make that content speak to their unique interests as effectively as possible. This includes customizing the name on the email and tailoring the product offerings to their tastes.

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